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Everyday English Hypoxia is by definition a lack of sufficient oxygen in the blood.   Symptoms are hard to identify mainly because the first organ affected is the brain, this causes bad judgment over the overall situation.   Another challenging factor is the fact, that hypoxia occurs gradually, this means you might just fall into …

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Everyday English Microburst is a type of wind shear that mostly arises during strong thunderstorms but is actually very rare to observe.    Falling moisture (rain) together drags a large amount of air towards the ground and creates downdraft.    The presence of microbursts is hard to identify, the only clue is the large amount …

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False horizon

Everyday English A false horizon is an illusion caused by flying over a banked cloud, night flying over featureless terrain with ground lights that are indistinguishable from the dark sky with stars.    Or during a night flies over a featureless terrain with a clearly defined pattern of ground lights and starless sky.    The …

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